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3 min readJul 24, 2023
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One can have many options to build a copy file application which can copy the files from source to destination server, after the investment on the solution you may realize that the solution is not meeting the requirement hence it is better to know all your options early.

Here in this blog I am sharing different option to choose for a solution.


  • Allows copying the different file extension to copy from source to destination (e.g. pdf, jpg, png, json, xml, csv …..)
  • Allows bulk copy option may be few 100s or few thousands of files together.
  • Allows large files copy as well.
  • Allow copy from onpremises to on-premises.
  • Allow copy from onpremises to cloud storage services.
  • Allow copy from cloud storage services to on-premises.

Based on above 👆 requirements I can think of below solutions

Note: Here I am refering Azure as cloud service for my example.

01.Powershell script using azcopy running on servers as process to copy the pdf files from source to destination.


  • Efforts on this already made so better to continue with this.
  • We will have control to update.
  • No additional cost associated.


  • Support expected volume data is not known.
  • Management overhead of keys/secrets of storage accounts.
  • Maintenance work needed.
  • Will be count on server where these scripts will be running.
  • Accessing the script to test or validation of script may require access on server (RDP) which may be a security issue.
  • Powershell script using azcopy running Azure automation account.

02. Deploy the scripts onto azure automation account which will be much more efficient.


  • Secure and manageable solution…



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