Managed Service Identity (MSI).

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6 min readJul 28, 2023

This is the series of blog which in this I will discuss the feature of MSI with different service.

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Very often when we requires to connect to our azure backend services like storage account, service bus, eventhub or sqlserver we use connection string, this is default and straight forward process but this requires management of connection string or passwords.

It also increases the risk of managing the secrets, regenerating of secrets and password a secret management activity.

As the cloud governance is more focused secretless authentication such as multifactor authentication, or password less authentication we are the programmer/architects should also be taking the same route.

As much as possible we should not use the secrets, to support this activity we have options available e.g.: with azure, most of the azure service offers the secretless connection using Managed Service Identity (aks MSI).

What is MSI?

Managed Identity is a feature in Microsoft Azure that provides an identity for services or applications running in the cloud. It offers an easy and secure way to authenticate resources without the need to manage explicit credentials. With Managed Identity, Azure takes care of creating and managing the necessary credentials for the services, making it a…



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